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Position Paper on Gender Justice and the Extractive Industries

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  • Christina Hill

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  • Maria Ezpeleta
  • Nina Collins

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Place: Oxford

Institution: Oxfam International

Date: March 2017


This paper outlines Oxfam’s position on gender justice in the context of extractive industries. It describes some of the causes and consequences of the EI sector’s gendered impacts, and it summarizes Oxfam’s recommendations 2 Gender justice is the goal of full equality and equity among women and girls and men and boys in all spheres of life. It is the result of women, jointly—and on an equal basis with men—defining and shaping the policies, structures, and decisions that affect their lives and society as a whole. Gender justice is both an outcome and a process. to mining, oil, and gas companies, to governments, and to international financial institutions for achieving better gender equality outcomes and advancing women’s rights.

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